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Car Services in Forster

Car services in Forster are faster and more affordable at Joe’s Auto Service Centre, on Kularoo Drive. We have the experience and the workshop equipment to get your car serviced fully—no time wasted. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that zero in on mechanical and auto-electrical issues so we can act swiftly to sort them out. There’s no second-guessing, just direct problem-solving, so your car is back on the road, running reliably for you.

Your car will be in the hands of a mechanic who has earned Master Technician stripes both at Ford Australia and Mercedes-Benz. This is factory training of the highest order—Ford being an obvious example of consumer vehicle design and Mercedes-Benz, the European approach to engineering. You won’t find this level of passion everywhere. It’s what motivates the mechanics at Joe’s Auto Service Centre and you’ll be pleased to reap the many benefits.

You’ll find at Joe’s, friendly, personable service and no worries about being scammed or talked down to. But then you wouldn’t expect any less from Forster’s own. We’re locals and we have an investment in our homegrown business that is now more than 18 years deep. Bring your car in today or book a time by calling us at Joe’s. Not only car and 4WD servicing, we also take care of trailers and logbook servicing.
Car Wheel on Balancer — Car Services in Forster , NSW
Disk Brake — Car Services in Forster , NSW
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For Your Tyres

Our Forster regulars like what they see at Joe’s when their car is in need of new rubber. We keep a regular stock of brand-name tyres and getting in your preferred tyres is never a problem. We’ve established great relationships with suppliers and don’t mind passing on the discounts to you. Call ahead so we can have your new tyres ready for a time that will suit.

Brakes Fixed

Your brakes need immediate attention if ever they’re less than 100%. It’s not something to ignore. Get them seen to without delay by Forster’s brake specialists at Joe’s Auto Service Centre. Our mechanics have superior skills and superior workshop facilities without the superior attitude. We’re just locals doing it right for fellow Forster locals.

Suspension Improved

Improving your car’s suspension is a game changer and a challenge we’re ready for at Joe’s Auto Service Centre. After earning Master Technician qualifications at both Ford Australia and Mercedes-Benz, improving your car’s ride, road-handling and stability is right up our alley.
Checking Clutch — Car Services in Forster , NSW

Clutch Service

When gear changing in your manual car becomes a problem, it’s usually time to have your clutch seen to. Your local Forster mechanic at Joe’s Auto Service Centre is here with the workshop tools and the mechanical skills to get your clutch working like a smooth operator again.

Tow Bar Fitting

At Joe’s Auto Service Centre, you’ll be able to the right tow bar fitted on your vehicle. Drive in to our Forster auto-servicing workshop and get it done today. Give us a call beforehand. That way, we can check stock and schedule the installation for your convenience.