Car Repairs in Forster

For affordable car repairs in Forster, Joe’s Auto Service Centre has been at the top of the game for more than 18 years. As a local business, we make sure we look after our customers and give them the best value mechanical services we can. This is not a difficult proposition, considering we love doing what we do. Having worked at Ford Australia, proprietor Jason is always keen to prove that his small private business has the jump on any big players in his field of expertise. This could never be more evident than the service guarantee you get at Joe’s Auto Service Centre. When you take delivery of your newly serviced car, not only is it repaired properly, you get 6 months’ worth of roadside assistance FREE! Case closed. If you don’t book your car in at Joe’s, you’re on your own…

At Joe’s, you can find all you need for your car—from brake overhauls to engine rebuilds, from tyre replacements to air conditioning repairs, and from tow bar fitting to trailer repairs.

What repair or service are you needing? Call Joe’s today.
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Car Repairs At Joe’s Auto Service Centre

Car repairs are our specialty at Joe’s Auto Service Centre. Our Forster auto repairs workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools and our mechanics’ have factory-trained expertise (qualified at Master Technicians at Ford and Mercedes-Benz).

Thanks to this recipe for repair success, you’ll get your car repaired in quick time and for less money.

We have more than 18 years of experience in car repairs, including servicing automotive air conditioning.
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Tyres — Car Repairs in Forster , NSW

Roadworthy Inspections

Often a minor repair is needed to satisfy the requirements of a RWC (Roadworthy Certificate). Before we issue the certificate, we complete the minor repair. You get your car back knowing it’s safe to drive on public roads and your RWC has all boxes checked.

Logbook Services

New car warranties are 100% safe when you get your logbook servicing done at Joe’s Auto Service Centre. That’s because we stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations, using genuine parts and approved oils. We don’t stick to dealer prices, so that’s a big win for you. You get your freshly serviced car back less expensively and quickly.

Tyres fitted and balanced

Our tyre prices are competitive and we can quickly order in your preferred tyres. Just let us know and we’ll schedule in the whole process so your car can be fitted with correct tyres, wheel-balanced and aligned if you need a wheel alignment.

Other Repair Services

Pick-up and drop-off is available for Forster locals. We can also complete minor roadside repairs, thanks to our mobile auto service vehicle. Our Forster auto repairs workshop provides a comprehensive range of car repairs, including brake, clutch and engine overhauls, suspension and transmission servicing, and more. Just give us a call or stop by today.

Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection

Before you commit to buying that 2nd-hand car, we can give it a thorough inspection to check for any concerns to make sure your money won’t be wasted on a lemon. Call today to make arrangements prior to your decision.