Logbook Servicing

Logbook Servicing in Forster

Logbook servicing at Forster’s Joe’s Auto Service Centre makes perfect sense. Compared to having your dealer manage your logbook services, it’s invariably less expensive for you at Joe’s.

Here’s what happens when you bring your car to Joe’s for its logbook service…

Your warranty is 100% safe here. We do not stray from the recommendations your car’s manufacturer has laid down. We follow, to the letter, the details they have outlined for every component and consumable that needs attention in your car. Genuine parts? Not a problem. We maintain preferred supplier relationships with manufacturers and have no troubles getting genuine parts as needed. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Thanks to online program syncing, we are always up to date with manufacturers’ product lines and modifications.

Having earned Master Technician qualifications through factory-training at Ford Australia and Mercedes-Benz, we know how vehicles are put together from the ground up. The net result for you is quality logbook servicing all the way. It also happens to be cheaper, faster, and more convenient at Joe’s—your local Forster logbook servicing gurus.

Book your car in for a logbook service now.
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Why Do I Need A Logbook Service?

Your car deserves timely, regular maintenance. A little attention at the right time goes a long way. Your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is your logbook service. Manufacturers have correctly concluded that, over time and distance, your car will need a blood transfusion (oil change, in other words), as well as TLC for some of its working parts. The industry rule of thumb is that a logbook service will be due every 10,000 kilometres or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

Genuine Parts For Warranty Service

Voiding your new car warranty is not an option at Joe’s. We play by the rules and follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter.

Getting our hands on genuine parts through our supply network is not a problem when parts need replacing. It’s always going to be less expensive at Joe’s for your logbook servicing. You can put this down to our lower overheads. But we also like to do what we can for you as fellow Forster locals.